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Peaceful Home

Discussing your budget is also important, smart devices are modular, you can start with a small system and build on it without having large up front costs. We will always encourage you to focus on fewer home automation features that work right, rather than spreading your budget too thin and ending up with a whole array of features that don’t function correctly and don't achieve your desired result. Finally, the importance of installation and programming cannot be overstated. Home automation is designed to make things easy once the system is online and working as it should, but if there are flaws in the installation or programming process, your home automation system is unlikely to reach its full potential. That is why we test and confirm that the system works before it even leaves our workshop, our experienced technicians have years of fault finding and troubleshooting up their sleeves to ensure a smooth integration process. Vision immersion has knowledge on most products on the market today, which ones work together, and how to use them to meet you needs and exceed your expectations


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