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Design and Planning:

Architectural and Interior Evaluation and Design is an essential first-step in any project. Whether a plan review for a new structure or a job-walk of an existing site, this early understanding of the theater project and its’ unique details will determine a host of decisions down the line. Further, a well-rounded theater interior design program addresses the elements of motif & style. color, materials and personal comfort. For any given private theater or commercial screening room there are numerous design elements that not only need to be addressed, but also blended into a cohesive, well- functioning concept.

Lighting and Technology:

Commercial and residential Theater Lighting and Control Systems play a role in the finished ‘WOW’ of any project, add home integration and smart devices and totally enhance your experience. Vision Immersion actively strives, in every design, to fashion a lighting plan that is appropriate to the architecture, visually stunning and easy to operate. Theater Sound, Electronics and Projection is, without a doubt, the fastest evolving segment in the theater design business… Each new project requires a thorough review of product specifications to assure that the component selection is the most advanced and appropriate to fit the clients’ needs.


Whether it's cup holders, electronic reclining or massage function, there are limitless options and configurations to suit any room size or number of people.

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